dedicate this website to my dear husband, the great adventurer, cameraman and art collector, Hubert Matysek

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Welcome to the world of the adventurer!

50 years of expeditions around the globe!

Travel with Hubert around our small, beautiful Earth.

On this page you will find many photos of the expeditions that my husband, Hubert Matysek, had made in his "young" years. But even today, Hubert and I still travel to many countries in the Far East and visit "old" friends and their families.

Hubert has produced over 80 documentary films. He was more behind a 16mm camera than he had taken pictures. That is also the reason why you do not see Hubert in photos so often. Unfortunately, the few slides from the 1960s are no longer available. That's a pity!

Nevertheless, there are fabulous shots that Hubert and I want to share with you ...

Let's go on a small world trip...


Previously, Hubert presented his documentary films in large event halls. Many travel magazines and newspapers reported about him.

Hubert in his office on the island of Helgoland 1971. He showed proudly his travels, which he had already made in the 1960s up to this date! ( In the foreground: his red macaw parrot "Jockel")

Hubert with his professional camera , here: Thailand, Seychelle, Papua Newguinea, Bali, Komodo Island, Brasil, South Seas,Tonga, Yap, Polynesia, Easter Island, India, Japan, Marrocco, Egypt, Tierra de Fuego, Argentina ... and last, but not least Helgoland, his home.