the treasures of our world

ॐ गं गणपतये नम:

Hubert and I in front of our big Balinese Sugriwa, Subali & Co just before the figures were shipped to Russia.(Museum of World Ocean)


the treasures of our world

The smell of sandalwood and Nag Champa is in the air. Asian sounds fill the hall. Gamelan music from Bali, meditative, almost floating instrumental music and the healing sounds of mantras. A staircase leads you into another world. A world steeped in magic, peace and meditation. Kinnari, half woman, half bird and Theppanom figures greet you smiling with the Asian Anjali-Mudra gesture, the folded hands:


a warm welcome greeting full of gratitude


I greet the Divine in you

"Om Swasthiasthu"

I hope that all the best (safety, happiness and prosperity) come to you from all directions

Altars with Buddhas of Myanmar, Thailand, the Himalayan region and Indonesia - decorated with fresh flowers in the morning. Altars with the Hindu deities Ganesha, Shiva, Sarasvati, Lakshmi and Krishna. Everywhere are small bowls of flowers, also on the ground for the underworld forces. Bali Beach Museum Shop is not an ordinary Asian art shop. For  me it is a gift that we receive with gratitude every day. Who is allowed to work in such a beautiful place? It is not really a job, but a vocation! I respect the Buddhist and Hindu culture. I also have the utmost respect for all the artists and craftsmen who created our artworks and religious statues. You will also immediately see how I have issued and treat the goods. My own passion is also to live this culture. Thus, you enter a temple in the middle of a shopping center! Here you will find everything you need to set up your own little temple or just a sacred niche in your home. Bali Beach Museum Shop has also always supplied yoga and meditation centers and even various museums in Europe. The museum-shop has been around for over 50 years. Competent knowledge about the Hindu, Buddhist and Balinese culture, New Guinea and Africa - backed up by the many expedition photos of my husband Hubert, the great adventurer, have always contributed to make Bali Beach unique! Visitors and customers are always fascinated by the diversity. On the one hand the lovely statues of Buddha and deities, on the other grotesque-looking masks and statues with big, scary eyes and fangs. Golden temple reliefs and royal furniture stand next to archaic-looking benches of roots. Traditional paintings from Bali and Tibetan Tangkhas, but also abstract ZEN pictures. I also sell jewelry from Asia and America. And many works of art that have nothing to do with religion at all. Horses, lions, dogs, vases, etc. The Bali Beach has something for everyone, really for everyone in all price ranges. Originally our museum shop housed one of the largest New Guinea and Bali collections in the world. These can now be admired in the Museum of the World Ocean in Kaliningrad (Russia). It is the life work of my husband and he feels great joy that he is allowed to experience it now during his lifetime. Wow, a huge museum building in his name! Thirty three years ago, I entered the store for the first time. I was still a schoolgirl, but absolutely fascinated by Asian culture. At that time the shop was in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). It was a different world. A little paradise in the middle of a city. And I am eternally grateful that shortly afterwards I was allowed to become part of this paradise. And I would like to share all this with you on this website!
Namaste, with love, Nisarga

Here is a small impression of Hubert's life, his life's work and the museum shop:

  • Papua Newguinea expedition 1975
  • entrance of Bali Beach
  • Kaliningrad Barong
  • Kumbarkarna statue at Museum of World Ocean Kaliningrad
  • original, sacred Rangda mask from Bali - today in Museum of World Ocean Kaliningrad
  • Buddha altar at the entrance
  • at Wat Ming Muang - Nan-East Thailand
  • Burmese altar
  • royal furniture at Bali Beach Museum Shop
  • Huberts family in Bali
  • Garuda from Bali - still protects the Bali Beach Museum Shop
  • dining table
  • sacred Hindu altar of Bali Beach
  • powerful ghostlights at inauguration ceremony of a small boy in Nepal
  • Tibetan Vajrapani at Bali Beach Museum Shop


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"Let this world and all living beings be in peace and have a dignified life."

Be aware, That Ganesh is in everybody of us, in every atom of the universe!

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