I dedicate this website to my dear husband, the great adventurer, cameraman and art collector, Hubert Matysek

his life's work - his expeditions - his art shop

First I will show you our exhibition, which is located in the large hall. Then we visit the pavilion together.
This is followed by the way to the actual museum shop, which is located on the lower floor on over 500 square meters. Follow me down the stairs to another world!

This is exactly how our customers describe it!

At the moment I am still working on this website.
This link takes you back to our old website. But that will change in the near future.
I am now happy to show you this beautiful shop. And if you have any questions, please write me a little message. The photos are all numbered. So if you want information about a work of art, write the number.
I hope you enjoy the visual photo tour!

with love, Nisarga

click here to see the museum-shop